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St. Pierre Joins the Team!

April 20, 2011 Leave a comment

The team would like to welcome St. Pierre to the team. The guys over in Worcester are going to be helping out with some of our recent cabling issues by machine swaging all of our cables correctly. We encourage you to check them out at

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Hip Actuators Working

March 28, 2011 Leave a comment

The past couple weeks the team has been working to fully test and assemble a hip actuator which will allow the robot to have camber in the legs. This past night we successfully tested the actuators for the first time with a shoulder plate on the robot. The video below shows the test. The testing was done off a heavily current limited power supply. In the real robot the hip will be able to complete the full 10 degree swing in ~1 second.

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Yarde Metals, Onvio, Bobobots, Venom and Hydro-Cutter Join as new Sponsors

March 9, 2011 Leave a comment

Hi All,

We’ve been hard at work for the last couple weeks but we’d like to announce a few of our newest sponsors.

Yarde Metals is a worldwide distributor and processor of aluminum, stainless, carbon steel, brass, nickel and titanium alloys.  Yarde’s headquarters is located in Southington, CT and has nine service centers located throughout the U.S.  The company has expanded internationally throughout Europe and Asia. They have provided us some  amazing discounts on their metal.

OnvioOnvio is the premier U.S. manufacturer of high precision planetary gearboxes,
cycloidal reducers and timing belt pulleys. For nearly 30 years, Onvio products have served customers throughout the precision automation industries. They manufacture a complete range of standard products and our solutions group can offer unique, innovative solutions specific to your needs. We will be using 8 high precision Onvio gearboxes to power the shoulder and knee joints of our robot.

Bobobots is dedicated to the design, engineering and manufacturing of the highest quality, performance driven brushed DC servo motors.  The power delivered by these motors is comparable by few companies and we are extremely lucky to have Bobobots as a sponsor.

Venom Group International [VGI] is an evolving entrepreneurial story of what can happen when creative minds meet, actions are taken and dreams are pursued. It is a story about the power of an idea, of innovation, of teamwork and unity of purpose, the power of determination and the power of persistence.  Venom has lots of hobby products including hobby motors, batteries, chargers, and even RC cars.

HYDRO-CUTTER provides Precision Waterjet Cutting services to a wide array of industries and companies. We utilize the latest technologies, equipment and processes to cut materials that are difficult to machine or manufacture using traditional methods. Tom Gravel has been  extremely generous donating countless hours of his machine time to help us with some of the manufacturing of this project.

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Flickr Added!

January 17, 2011 Leave a comment

Hi All,

As we started our building we’ve been taking some good pictures and will be trying to document the manufacturing phase of the project. Look on the right side of this page to see our most recent pictures and click on the links to get some good higher res pictures.

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Leg System Prototyped

January 15, 2011 Leave a comment

The team has developed a full scale prototype leg from acrylic, MDF and aluminum. The leg is meant to simulate the real leg conditions as accurately as possible. It works through the same cable system and has springs in series with both the motor and the leg. In this video, we test to see whether our spring system is able to store energy and if our cable system will be able to complete the necessary movement.

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Body Joint Prototype Complete!

January 14, 2011 Leave a comment

Over the past couple weeks we have been heavily prototyping some of the more experimental systems. Specifically, we have been looking at prototyping a full scale model of the central joint of the robot. The central body joint of the Sabertooth robot is designed to allow for two passive degrees of freedom. The robot thanks to the passive joint is able to complete both a roll and yaw movement but with a predirectional bias towards the center. This video shows a prototype made out of 3D Printed ABS Plastic Parts and lasercut laminated MDF and acrylic. The model is full scale. The final version will be designed out of aluminum with steel shafts and bolts.

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QinetiQ North America Joins the Team!

January 14, 2011 Leave a comment

We would like to announce our latest sponsor, Qinetiq North America! QinetiQ North America is a United States based military robotics manufacturer. Its two best-known products are TALON robots and LAST Armor. Founded and based in Waltham, Massachusetts, it has offices in Washington, D.C., Albany, New York, and near Boston. QinetiQ North America has about 300 members of staff skilled in aeronautical engineering, administration, chemical engineering, chemistry, physics, civil engineering, electrical engineering, mathematics, statistics, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, polymers, polymerization, electromechanical engineering. QinetiQ works in the fields of robotics, advanced materials, sensors, custom machinery, medical device design, biopharmaceuticals, C4ISR and transportation. They will be a huge help to the project!

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